Reborn “live” look scares her- Jane customer’s review

Reborn Live Look Scares Her Jane Customers Review 7844 4

It looks like a baby. But this “live” look scares me.

About Reborn dolls, probably many of you have heard. But, to see them on the Internet and take personally in hand, two big differences. In live, they can cause a bunch of different emotions. Someone and negative.

So, Reborn can now find the original German. And you can take the Chinese version. It is difficult to say whether there will be a big difference. Probably yes.

There are craftsmen on the Internet who buy heads, hands, legs and manually paint Reborn. There are many options. But, if you want to save, take Reborn on Ali. If you need good quality, then you have to pay about 30,000 rubles. That is how much Reborn is from Germany

Also, these dolls are stuffed. But, the baby with a solid vinyl body looks more realistic. He is then as heavy as a real child.

When choosing, you can take into account the age of reborn.

Here is an example of Reborn, who is 1 month old.

Made of high-quality vinyl. It feels like the skin of a child.

The nipple is held by a magnet. It seems that it is very weak, but as practice has shown, this is more than enough.

For Reborn there are a lot of clothes for sale. But, you can also dress your baby in ordinary children’s stores for newborns. It will probably be cheaper. The same goes for diapers. What can a Reborn doll?

Unlike Baby Annabell, nothing. Plus this doll in its naturalism. She even has marigolds:

Fingers, like a real baby. Perhaps someone will say that Reborn is quite frightening dolls. Yes, when I look at my face, my eyes, then the feeling that I have a real child about me.

The only moment is the hair. They are made of high-quality mohair. But in this model, they do not look natural:

To the touch soft, pleasant 

You can buy it here: https://reborndollsbaby.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=7844&action=edit

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