Reborn dolls: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying

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You probably already know what reborn dolls are and what is their difference from all other dolls. Perhaps even you are already in the process of choosing your future reborn baby. All the more strongly, we advise you to read this article in order to choose a reborn doll, which you would not have to regret about buying later.

A brief reference for those who do not know.

The term “Reborn” in translation means “reborn” or “reborn”. Reborn dolls got this name for their maximum resemblance to living children. The creation of the first reborn is attributed to the Spanish Berenger family in the mid-50s of the last century, and factory manufacturing began only in 1993 in the USA. Today, both factory and manual manufacture of reborn dolls has turned into an entire industry.

But I must say that this industry is growing and developing, solely thanks to the Internet. You yourself have probably already noticed that in ordinary doll shops reborn can not be found. They are refused to be put on the shelves because they look too much like living children. You can find and buy a reborn doll only on the Internet today.

What is the peculiarity of these reborn dolls?

P1.1 1Ribs, for the most part, are made manually. This applies not only to author’s dolls, but also to factory ones. The fact is that the main production process, painting the dolls (when lips, folds, eyebrows, nails, etc. are drawn), is difficult to automate. Therefore, even in factories, they are signed by hand, and that is why they are relatively expensive

So, factory reborn dolls are completely silicone (or silicone-vinyl) and soft-squared, differing from full-silicone only in that they have a rag body stuffed with a soft filler (usually syntepuha). Soft-stuffed can not be bathed, because filler when immersed in water will immediately become worthless.

Also reborn are sleeping (with eyes closed) and not sleeping. The first eyes do not open, they are always closed. In general, reborn dolls do not have any functions, like the ability to feed, urinate, voice effects, etc. Nevertheless, children really like to play with them, thanks to the realism of these dolls. By the way, realism is achieved not only due to their appearance, but also due to their height and weight, as similar as possible to the height and weight of live babies.

However, as they say …

..Not all reborn dolls are equally “useful”! ..

In large quantities, cheap reboes manufactured in clandestine Chinese factories are now on the market. Yes, yes, do not be surprised! Underground workshops in China “cook up” almost everything, even reborn dolls! And it is from such underground workers that you are so afraid of acquiring something (and quite deservedly).

Many online stores offer just such low-quality reborn dolls, believing that the cheaper the product, the better. But clandestine factories, as a rule, produce them from cheap, unhealthy materials! If you choose reborn as a gift to your child, keep this in mind! Would you like your child to make contact with a toxic toy? But children can play with reborn dolls for days on end.

How to distinguish a “harmful” reborn doll from a “useful” one?

When choosing a rebate in an online store, this is not so easy. In the photo they all look almost the same. But bad stores selling low-quality goods can be identified by several indirect signs.

The first thing that should alert you is the price. If it is significantly lower than that of others, then this is a low-grade product from the underground.

Secondly, this, of course, is the availability of a certificate. If a scanned copy of the certificate for the goods sold is not provided on the store’s website, you can safely close this website. Just pay attention to the fact that if a certificate is available, it should be possible to increase it in order to read which product and organization it was issued for.

Our dolls have passed mandatory certification in USA, and you can see the corresponding certificate here.

So, now you know how to distinguish a good online store from a bad one and how to choose an inexpensive, but high-quality factory reborn doll so that it brings your child only joy and no harm to health!

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