Reborn Baby Dolls For Child

Reborn Baby Dolls For Child

In our family replenishment! She became a grandmother at 32! The whole truth about the “living” reborn dolls. Should I buy a reborn doll for a child? What could be the consequences of their acquisition and why not take them seriously? Photo of our baby.

Toward the age of 4, I began to notice that my daughter began to take toys more carefully, began to look after them, feed them, and roll them in a stroller. To my question, so that she would like to receive for the upcoming Birthday she did not hesitate to say that she would like a little crib that can be taken care of.

I began to look for dolls on the Internet and came across reborn, which, like two drops of water, looked like living babies. I wanted to buy my daughter not just a doll, but a very realistic doll that really would look like a little doll.

By chance, I found a great option at an affordable cost. The baby was delivered to me from Europe intact.

I was shocked how much she looked like a real child.

Now I understand perfectly the feelings that owners of larger dolls experience, which are even more like living children.

Our baby has a sprout of only 25 cm (10 inches). I specifically looked for a small doll, so that it was comparable to the growth of my daughter, because she wanted the doll to be her baby.

The baby’s body is made of soft and very pleasant vinyl to the touch, very detailed, the gender of the doll is clearly distinguishable. A girl has appeared in our family!

It must be said that dolls-boys have external genitals that are fully consistent with real ones, everything is worked out to the smallest detail. That is why I was looking for a girl.

The color of the vinyl is fully consistent with the skin tone of a real child, the cheeks are slightly pinkish, there are pronounced folds on the arms and legs, the fingers are all clearly distinguishable, they have nails.

Our baby is sleeping, he is still too small. His eyes are closed, on the upper eyelid there are cilia. A neat little nose and lips are very realistic, it seems that the baby is about to wake up and begin to walk.

The baby’s ears are tiny, pressed to the head, with her you constantly think about how to talk more quietly so as not to wake him up.

For my children, the appearance of the baby in the house was an excellent reason to behave a little quieter so as not to wake the newborn.

Most reborn hairs are made from various materials. Our baby has hairs on her head, she is a budget representative of reborn.

Image result for reborn baby dolls  hair care

More expensive representatives have not only even more detailed parts of the body (individual fingers, lively facial expressions, open almost lively eyes), but also hair from natural hair. The cost of such dolls, however, reaches tens of thousands of rubles.

I would like to note that despite the fact that the same mold is used to make several dolls (a mold for casting body parts), each of them is individual, since painting is done manually later on and it is simply impossible to draw the same facial features several times.

The body of reborn is either soft or vinyl. Fully vinyl dolls are more expensive, look more realistic than soft-dolls. In general, the process of creating rebors, although fascinating, is very time-consuming and lengthy, each part of the doll is cast separately, painted, the head is manually stitched with hair, the author puts a part of his soul into each doll.

You can buy a rebrand from a master of designer dolls, that is, “adopt” directly from your mother, or from your hands, from those who treat dolls of this kind calmly and sell, having played enough, without feeling remorse that they are selling to then “your child.”

Now a lot of stores began to appear that sell rebates and accessories for them. There, for the most part, dolls are no longer author’s, but of stream production, but, despite this, dolls cast from the same mold are still different from each other. But their price has become available to a wide range of people. This is the kind of doll we acquired. Since I bought my daughter’s doll, I didn’t pursue uniqueness and individuality; I needed the simplest doll, most similar to a baby.

Daughter, having received a reborn doll as a present for her four-year anniversary, squealed with delight! I didn’t even think that the appearance of her “own child” would cause so many emotions!

At first, the child did not part with the doll for even a second: she laid next to bed, took to the dining table, bathe in the bath, for a walk and even in the kindergarten. However, our baby didn’t go to the street and kindergarten (the lack of vaccinations in the “child” became a powerful argument). Gradually, the passions subsided and now the daughter plays with the doll, although not daily, but quite thoughtfully: she prepares her for food, swaddles her, rolls around the apartment in the stroller, sings songs, puts him to bed. Even the son periodically tries to play with the doll, calling it “Lala”, although he himself did not go far from Lali.

For a child, especially for girls, playing with dolls is very important; they contribute to the development of not only maternal instinct, but also the skills of caring for the weaker and helpless.

Our baby, perhaps, has only one drawback – she is too small, and it is very difficult to sew clothes on her. And I really want her wardrobe to have a lot of different slip-ons and bodysuits! For such babies, even Aliexpress does not offer a large selection of clothes, and ordering items from a professional seamstress is too expensive.

I definitely will not recommend reborn as substitutes for children. This is wrong, not natural and, in my opinion, just wild, especially after you read how people sometimes begin to perceive them.

As an interior doll, perhaps, but I would not. I can say for sure that I would be scared every time I went into the room and saw a child sitting motionless in a chair, looking at me with his glass eyes asking a dumb question: “why do I have a soul, and I can’t live the same life as your children ? ”

To buy a reborn for games for a child in my opinion is the most suitable option, however, it is worthwhile to understand that the cost of such a “live” doll is quite high, and children are not always accurate. Are you ready to spend several thousand rubles to later see the doll painted, crippled, damaged? Such dolls are suitable for games by older girls, 7-10 years old, but for how long?

Ideally, such dolls are suitable for craftswomen who sew or custom-knit children’s things. That’s where you can show your products in full glory.

I do not regret buying a reborn in any way, and maybe when my daughter grows up I will buy her a bigger doll with a hair and a bigger one if I see that she is careful about toys. It is painfully amusing and unusual. But still you need to remember that this is just a doll, although it is extremely similar to a real child.

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