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Perfect reborn baby dolls


indifferent obviously will not remain

Disputes about reborns seems to me never to stop. Someone loves them, someone feels fear and disgust. My opinion about them rather as a work of art, creativity, and how about any good work the opinion of people can not be unequivocal.

I saw my doll at the craftsmen’s fair. (By the way, my review of the fair ) Let’s just say, it scares the price. Although I understand that this is handmade, and in my collection of dolls there are a couple, girls bjd, also master craftsman’s work, and I myself often began to sculpt such beauties, but one thing is a barbie doll, and a completely different natural doll baby.

Doll Reborn (reborn) photo

My subjective impressions. The package was terrible to take out. The feeling is true that you are getting a child, but this did not prevent me from evaluating the work of the master. All the veins are spelled out, marigolds, blush, and so forth. Accessories for the eyes are very steep, beyond all praise, very much like the eyes, in our stores I have not seen this. Honestly, the first thought was to resell, the naturalness of these pupae affects so much, I don’t even want to play them right away, but I think the hand will turn, but on the other hand it seems to me that it will be interesting for children for some time to have such naturalness for the game.

Doll Reborn (reborn) photo

Just want to note the weight of the doll. He, too, is close to the natural. kilograms 2.5-3.5 somewhere.

Doll Reborn (reborn) photo

Only after the acquisition, I began to study all kinds of chat rooms of fans and opponents, read many not very adequate articles, when these dolls are perceived as children, and adult aunts roll them through the streets (!) In a wheelchair, which for me is clearly a bust of it seems / although with what than not joking. But it pleases that the number of fans is also great, and not everyone perceives them as “fu fu fu” and they understand that this is very cool, if only because of the subtlety of painting and work.

I want to immediately note that one thing is beautiful photos, and quite another to keep such a doll in their hands. For someone fascinates, scares someone, for someone all together. Just if you decide to buy, ideally or somewhere like to look like (hold in your hands) or be prepared for the fact that all the same, the expectations will not be justified. Because the photo has a photo. Of course, not as in the social networks of the girl put the processed, but in life do not know. The doll is the same. But here are the impressions of the photo and when it is on your extended hand from you – different.

And I once again promised myself to cut spending on these kind of charms 🙂

I would be glad to your opinion in the comments.

And yet, after much deliberation, I decided to sell this beauty … if anyone is interested write.

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