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My First Reborn Baby Doll, I love her – James Customer Reviews

My First Reborn Baby Doll, I love her - James Customer Reviews

Just a Reborn Baby doll or an amazing man-made miracle? So real our baby is Reborn, that at first I was scared when I saw her at night in bed next to my daughter … I love her.

On the eve of her 10th birthday, my daughter said: “Mom, I want my Reborn Dolls.” When I rounded my eyes with a smile, she led me to a computer and showed it … Two months of Reborn called Luka, created by the master from the “Fair of Masters”, was my daughter’s cherished dream! How can it not be implemented?

And on the tenth anniversary day my beloved child woke up next to a beautiful baby …


My First Reborn Baby Doll, I love her - James Customer Reviews

Beauty Luka – Reborn


_____________________ *** About REBORN *** realistic baby dolls *** ______________________


For reference:

One of the most popular modern genres in doll art and collectibles are reborn dolls ( reborn ), that is, baby dolls with super-realistic face painting and anatomy, which are literally the most realistic of all dolls existing in the world at the moment.

I was just overwhelmed by this amazing kind of creativity (even the idea was to buy mold, paints, hairs, cilia, and make the doll myself, but my daughter was categorical – I want only ONION!) . This photo was sent to us by the author – mother of the doll. I even shuddered when I saw that the store was about to buy a baby:

My First Reborn Baby Doll, I love her - James Customer Reviews

We dress a doll Reborn

I was impressed how amazingly and painstakingly such babies are created:

  1. Painting Mold – blanks of vinyl (another polymer);
  2. “Implantation” of hairs and cilia;
  3. Giving realistic not only the face, but also the body …

Since our reborn was offered at a budget cost, instead of a tummy and priests she has a soft stuffed body. But the arms and legs with amazingly realistic fingers and heels have long attracted my attention. Once I also looked at my daughter in the hospital … And it is not surprising:

An interesting fact is that the dolls are used in medicine as models for the care of newborns and for the treatment of sclerosis. Some collect them for a collection, someone buys dolls to fill the place of an already grown up child.

______ *** First impressions of the daughter. I had a VNUCHKA-ah (this is 35 years old!) *** _____

From the very first moments after waking up on her birthday, the daughter did not release Reborn to Luka from her hands. I bought some clothes in advance (romper suit, sweaters, dresses, diapers and diapers, and how without them, ha-ha) – I took them like children 1-4 months.


My First Reborn Baby Doll, I love her - James Customer Reviews

Doll Reborn Lukerya

We started looking at my VOUCHER together (my daughter told her: “Go to the grandmother’s hands, she will put to sleep, feed you, change the diapers”):

  • Eyes exactly alive, and that look blink or cry;
  • Under the very real to the touch and view of the nose from the small nostrils “a drop of moisture”;
  • Soft cilia and curly fluffy hairs of medium length;
  • On the fingers of the handles you can see all the cauldrons, the veins, even the wreaths are drawn;
  • Heels – just delight (compared with infant photos of my daughter – the equivalent of a full).


My daughter slept only at night with the reborn doll – how I felt when I woke up and saw Luka with open eyes in the arms of my daughter. All the first week I was startled by surprise and the reality of what I see.

My First Reborn Baby Doll, I love her - James Customer Reviews

Realistic Reborn Doll

Fortunately, neither I nor my sensible daughter did not perceive Reborn, as a truly living child. Although this in Europe and in the West pretty often. Childless couples, women who do not want to give birth, acquire these dolls INSTEAD OF having real children!

____________________ *** It was only a year’s beloved “daughter”! *** ___________________________

My daughter has never been a lover of dolls (of any format), so I was not surprised that she was only enough for one year. More precisely, I was pleased that even though this period was interested, and the natural instinct of the girl and the future woman “worked.”


My First Reborn Baby Doll, I love her - James Customer Reviews

On a walk

Walks, diapers, feeding … The role of the mother she was tired, and Luka safely “settled” in the chair. Only the “grandmother” sometimes took her on her hands …

Now we are carried away by the new idea of ​​gifts, for which care is also needed, but this is another comment .


I do not collect, because we both came to the conclusion that it is better to sell it. Let her be in a family where another baby loves her as much as my grown-up daughter once loved.

This means that I would recommend the purchase of Reborn dolls, but only for more adult girls who understand that this is an expensive author’s work – for the collection. Or such babies for whom dolls are the main hobby in children’s life

If you want to buy you can check How much is reborn dolls? 

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