Black Reborn Baby Dolls

Black Reborn Baby Dolls and African American reborn dolls are both incredibly popular choices among reborn baby collectors, women, and girls. Many collectors of reborn babies want to enrich their reborn doll nurseries, and there’s a large African American community of reborn doll fans—and thus, there’s a large market for black reborn baby dolls.

Why Choose an African American Reborn Baby Doll?

While all reborn babies are unique creations borne from the love and passion of the reborn artist, African American reborn babies are often popular not only with African American doll collectors, but with reborn baby fans who want to expand their reborn baby nurseries to include dolls from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. Unfortunately, there are still many dolls and collectibles available for purchase that do not include or address the diverse world in which we live. In fact, many African Americans did not grow up with dolls that looked like them, and instead could only purchase and play with “white” dolls or toys such as the unrealistic Barbie Doll. Black reborn baby dolls are thus a great gift for young black girls who want a doll that reflects their own culture and heritage, and are also popular with African American women who are creating reborn doll nurseries and collections and want the option of purchasing black reborn dolls.

Toddler baby Chad Boy 10 inchThe History of Black Reborn Babies

Reborn baby dolls were first introduced to the United States in the early 90s, and soon thereafter began being bought and sold in Britain. After the documentary My Fake Baby aired on television, their popularity only increased—despite the somewhat negative light the documentary portrayed reborn collectors in. Although the documentary treated the woman who had a reborn baby doll as someone slightly unhinged, reborn dolls still fascinated some and spoke deeply to others, and in general, many other women wanted reborn baby dolls of their own.

As reborn babies grew in popularity, so did the market and demand for non-white reborn babies. Because of the differences in skin tone, eyes, hair, and the like between different races, reborn baby artists and mothers didn’t like the idea of just “tweaking” a white reborn baby into an African American doll. Instead, reborn artists began to specialize in creating 100% handmade and “from scratch” black reborn babies – starting with different molds and with different paint for their reborn dolls, thus being able to completely control and create a black reborn baby doll that more accurately portrayed and resembled living black newborns.

As with all reborn babies, black reborn babies are made to look as realistic as possible. Not only do reborners use many layers of paint to accurately replicate a darker skin tone, they add veins, birthmarks, and even nails to the dolls, plus eyelashes and mohair as well. The process of adding this hair to a reborn doll is a time-intensive processed known as micro-rooting. Micro-rooting involves adding hair and eyelashes strand by strand, and the process—especially for babies with lots of hair—can take up to 40 hours itself.

One of the aspects that makes African American reborn baby dolls unique is that not only are they made to look like real babies, the dolls are weighted and created to feel like real babies as well. The reborn doll heads are heavy, to simulate and encourage those who hold the dolls to support the doll’s head, just as you would a living child. For those who want an even more authentic experience, some reborn doll artists will even add electronic devices inside the doll to replicate a heartbeat, make the chest rise and fall, or allow the arms and legs to move.

You can even request that your black reborn baby doll comes with an umbilical cord, baby fat, or voice box. The voice boxes can imitate gurgling and cooing, bringing joy and the feeling of a living baby to your reborn doll. Even heat packs can be added underneath the vinyl of the doll to simulate the warmth of a newborn’s body heat.

All this can be done to create an incredibly lifelike reborn baby. Why might you want all these features? Well, reborn babies are not only quite popular among girls who want an incredibly realistic doll, but reborn babies are also popular with women who have either lost infants, or ones who have seen their children grow up and leave the house, and want to enjoy the presence (but perhaps not the responsibility) of a newborn or toddler again.

African American reborn dolls are only one of many options for those looking for a beautiful and one-of-a-kind reborn baby, but regardless of your own race and skin tone, a black reborn baby is a wonderful addition to your reborn baby doll collection or reborn nursery. You—by all means—don’t need to purchase only black reborn babies, but consider the wide array of options and adorable personalities within this—and all—sub-categories of reborn dolls. And while—especially if you are on a budget—you don’t need to spend the money to request a custom African American reborn doll, you can still choose from an incredible selection of premade dolls, each one – if purchased from a reputable online marketplace – is guaranteed to be 100% handmade and crafted with love by an expert reborn baby doll artist.

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