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Beautiful reborn dolls, good quality

Hello! It all started with the fact that a friend reported on amazing dolls-children, so similar to newborn babies. I found a master of painting these dolls, who answered a number of my questions, including indicating the price. I, of course, gasped. . The one that sunk into my soul among her works turned out to be 45 thousand!

Red in daylight (even redder in reality)

My ” baby ” in the shower began to cry hurtly, but the next day I decided to look at the information on the Internet. And stumbled upon the factory options, with prices very different from manual development. Of the many Chinese dolls, I liked only two (according to the mold). One of them very, very seemed pretty and I decided to order it. Let, I think, be the decoration of my bedroom! =)) . on the Russian site (+ shipping 600 rubles). The seller claimed that their range was made of high-quality materials, without an unpleasant smell, although he confessed that the dolls were from China. Each passes a preliminary inspection and will be sent without marriage and so on. In general, I did not study Aliexpress and placed an order on the Russian website. Delivery is guaranteed within 3-5 days. Come the next !!! Very prompt! There are no complaints.

BUT!!! When viewed (and it was in the evening with artificially dim lighting), it seemed to me a little reddish and smaller than I expected. Pens, legs, little body and all other items were safe and sound. I signed for receipt and went home. When I began to consider it in detail in detail, I unfortunately saw several shortcomings.

First: it is very, very red! Just like cancer !!! Drawing veins looks like a cherkanuli pen! Awful, no words! The soft-bodied body, in principle, satisfies, although it is too blown compared to the limbs and the head. The nipple covers half of the face. Why is she so big, I do not know. Height: 38 cm. The site stated that reborn is about 45 cm high. Oh, this is the magic word “about”!

Doll Reborn (reborn) photo

Equipment: reborn, dress, pants, diaper, headband, magnetic nipple, bottle, blanket and even a birth certificate. I was delighted with the presence of a diaper and blanket diaper, because nothing was indicated on the website about them.

Reborn photo from the site

Reborn photo from the site

Bottom line: the doll is loved for its “utilitarian” facial expression, jumping with delight! But the redness on the same face scares and I start to feel sad. I heard that the paint may fade in the sun, but for the time being I have not decided to take the risk. Of course, factory reborn is in many ways inferior to works of art made by the hands of professionals. But the cost varies greatly. In any case, each person decides which one to choose.

Photos from the site

Photos from the site

5 stars would give real reborn and 3 – the Chinese, which I have. Therefore, the average score: solid four! Thanks for attention! Have a nice day, everyone.

PS The last two photos were added from the site on which I ordered the doll.

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