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Small copies of living children

“Live” reborn dolls became a revolution in the puppet world and won the hearts of not only small, but also adult girls. Created in the image and likeness of babies, they surprise, delight, inspire and give boundless joy to their “mothers.” Why are there more and more people wishing to buy reborn dolls? The reason for the popularity of these toys is simple – they embody the dream of an ideal child – the most dear and desired.

Why is reborn the best gift for every girl?

  • These are the most realistic dolls that have ever been created for mass sale.
  • A new generation of dolls after Barbie and Baby Bon is a cherished dream of girls of any age.
  • This is the best gift for the new year, birthday, March 8, graduation – for any reason and without.
  • You can pass exclusive dolls to your children, from generation to generation, establishing a good family tradition.
  • This is a great gift for children who are asked to “buy” a brother or sister – you need to play with them as carefully as you do with the living ones.
  • Girls love to collect rebors and create real nurseries with kids at home.
  • For dolls, a “dowry” is offered – clothes, accessories (diapers, nipples, bottles), strollers, cribs – all like real kids.
  • This is a prestigious toy that eloquently hints at the status of a gift. If you are looking for something that can really make any girl happy, reborn is exactly what you need!

Dreams should come true

We are sure that your daughter, granddaughter, niece, goddaughter, sister, girlfriend – and anyone else – believes in miracles. Therefore, we create unique dolls that help to realize a dream – a dream of someone small and dear.

We offer to buy a reborn doll in and give it to those who are really dear to you. Such a gift is simply not forgotten, does not gather dust on a shelf and does not hide in a closet. This is a present with meaning, with love, with the desire to present a dream. Ideal choice for:

  • Girls from 4 to 12 years old who dream of a real “live” doll.
  • Adult girls and women who have already taken place as mothers or are just planning.
  • Collectors and connoisseurs of exclusive handicrafts.

Reborn dolls  by are small masterpieces that you can play, which you can collect, which you can just watch and admire.

How to reborn?

100% original and at the same time inexpensive reborn dolls can only be purchased directly from the manufacturer, that is, with us – brand specializes in the manufacture and sale of realistic “babies” and offers the best conditions for purchase:

  • Quality assurance. All dolls have certification and are absolutely safe for children’s health. We use first-class hypoallergenic materials.
  • A wide range of. Only in our catalog you will find truly unique dolls that are not found in any other store in the country. Each with its own individual character.
  • Beautiful packaging. Each of our reborn receives a birth certificate and a set with a dowry – nipples, diapers, coloring books.
  • Producer price. You can buy original reborn dolls from us inexpensively, since we produce them ourselves, which means we offer an honest price without intermediaries and markups.
  • High level of service. You can always come to the show room, see, touch, hold in our hands “our babies”.

To buy a reborn doll means to give not just another toy. It means giving a dream.

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