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Welcome to the wonderful world of reborn dolls, where dolls are transformed into real looking babies.
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This section is for items for sale. We will endeavour to describe all items sort by categories accurately. Please email us at to check for availability .
Best Selling Collections

Discover the best in Reborn Dolls Best Selling Collection.

The most popular dolls are constantly updated by us to satisfy your passion.

Toodler baby Spencer Girl 17 inch

$124.52 $99.99

Tollder baby Rosie Girl 18 inch

$120.27 $77.69

Tollder baby Finn Girl 22 inch

$106.13 $83.99

Newborn Savannah Girl 17 inch

$125.26 $88.99

Age 3-6+ Jamaica Girl 20 inch

$117.13 $89.99

Age 3 – 6+ Mira Girl 18 inch

$132.76 $87.05
New Arrival

Check out Reborn Baby Dolls’s New Arrivals to see the latest new styles and buy these adorable items that just got released.

Toddler baby Chad Boy 10 inch

$66.59 $49.99

Toddler baby Dorian Girl 16 inch

$119.63 $91.82

Newborn Lauren Girl 10 inch

$47.57 $39.99

Tollder baby Devon and Hasan Twins 10 inch

$73.52 $46.39

Tollder baby Isa Girl 8 inch

$64.05 $32.68

Tollder baby Daniel Boy 10 inch

$47.37 $39.99
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Reborn Dolls Reviews

My Reborn Doll is gorgeous. Smells very tasty. Complete nipple on the magnet, bottle, pillow, quilt, bandage on head, and body on it. Sending to Pitera was 9 days. Delivered to your door by courier. Thank you so much.

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